We invest a significant amount of time into research, making sure we stay up to date on the latest developments in Procurement

CPOPartner is a niche boutique consulting firm, based out of Zurich, Switzerland. We are a small team of highly skilled professionals, serving clients all around the world. We provide honest and open feedback, always in the best interest of our clients. We help organisations develop Procurement structures, processes and tools, but always put people at the center of change. We've worked in more than 14 countries on 4 continents around the world, and understand the impact of cultural differences.

​Our values

We don’t pretend to have the solution to all our clients’ challenges. We actively partner with other firms, making sure our clients get the best value from whoever is most capable

What sets us apart?

what can we do for your business?

We have worked all around the world and understand cultural differences and potential complexity in our clients’ business


Providing honest feedback and advice, always in the best interest of our clients


Delivering sustainable change, providing results that stick

About the founder

Dirk Spijkers is founder and Managing Director at CPOPartner. After working in industry and consulting for more than 10 years, Dirk founded CPOPartner end of 2016. In his career he worked in 14 countries on 4 continents, supporting more than 20 companies across industries in improving their Procurement organisation.

Prior to starting CPOPartner, Dirk worked for PwC in the Netherlands, the US and Switzerland, where he was leading the Procurement Advisory practice.​

We work lean, without internal politics and slow IT systems. We are flexible and move quickly, whenever and wherever clients needs us

We do not tell our clients how to run their business; they know best. We listen, challenge and provide our sincere feedback and advise

We put people first, as we believe true change can only be reached when people in the organisation support it, embrace it and live it

We offer our services at competitive rates, as we don’t have expensive partners, overhead and IT systems


Building trusted relationships, bringing positive change to individuals and organisations​​

We have all the tools and methodologies, but understand they only work when its’ tailored to our clients’ needs. We do not come in to teach and force a way of working