What value do we deliver to clients?

Instead of spending years on building the perfect model, our approach is focused on identifying and improving the key pillars of a truly agile Procurement organisation. We focus on 4 key areas of our 'Agile Procurement' model; Strategic Alignment, a Balanced Organisational Structure, a Flexible Workforce and a strong Digital Backbone.​​ The exact configuration is depending on a clients’ specific industry and operating model, Procurement’s role in the organisation and the geographical mandate.

What value do we deliver to clients?

As Procurement evolves, Category Management evolves. We develop and implement Strategic Category Management best practices to ensure Procurement focuses on the activities that truly matter to the business and effectively collaborates to drive value.

CPOPartner is focused on bringing tangible value to clients. True impact, that lasts way beyond our involvement. How? We help clients in building Procurement organisations that are flexible and evolve as business priorities change; Agile Procurement organisations.

Clarity about Procurements’ role and expectations from the business​​​

It ensures Procurement focuses on the activities that truly matter to the business

An organisation ready to deal with future changes in business priorities

It ensures ideas for savings and improvements are accepted and supported by the business

A skilled workforce,

ready to run

It ensures the right people with the right skills collaborate


Strategic Category Management

It allows the organisation to anticipate and plan for internal and external changes, and reduces risk in the value chain

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The capabilities to deliver tangible financial and non-financial value

It ensures evaluation of multiple sourcing options and not just the tried and true or obvious one

How ​do we deliver value to clients?
o  We assess, design and implement future proof Procurement organisations
o  We assess, design and implement tactical (e.g. sourcing, contract, vendor & risk management) and operational (e.g. P-to-P) processes
o  We develop and implement reporting structures and tools (e.g. balanced scorecards, KPIs)
o  We facilitate strategic workshops and discussions (e.g. development of strategic plans, leadership sessions)
o  We develop and facilitate training programs and workshops to improve the competencies of the workforce
o  We act as independent soundboard or ‘challenger’ when you work with large consultancy firms, making sure you get the value you expect
o  We provide part-time coaching to individuals or groups

Procurement Transformation

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How ​do we deliver value to clients?
o  We assess current Category Management practices and draft recommendations for improvement
o  We develop and implement toolboxes, processes and governance models to operate effectively
o  We train professionals, both Procurement and business, in a new ‘way of working’
o  We implement the full cycle of Category Plan development
o  We provide part-time coaching as professionals perform their analyses, work with the cross-functional teams and build their category strategies

It improves communication and alignment throughout the organisation